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You know how hearing your favorite song makes you happy? And how where you hear it can make the experience even more delightful and memorable?

That’s the secret sauce behind Smile Songs art that sings: a unique combination of beautiful sights and sounds. Designed to boost your spirits. And share your appreciation with others.

Whether you’re shopping for a memorable gift for the VIPs in your life. Or looking to treat yourself. Smile Songs can help you deliver a lasting message of appreciation and love.
Our beautifully designed art prints, greeting cards and wearables look great. And they sing an exclusive song that amplifies their positive message. Which makes folks feel great.
We offer creative thank you gifts. Unique gift of love. Business thank you messages that folks will frame. And personalized gifts for friends that will be cherished for years to come.
(Oh! And if you are or know an introvert? We’ve got delightfully inspiring introvert quotes humor gifts, too.)

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give memorable gifts they'll enjoy and remember

Here are some of the most popular Smile Songs songs. And some of the products that play them.

Want a custom song or design for your business, special event? You’ve come to the right place.

With over two decades of experience in creative services, branding and copywriting as well as award-winning songwriting and design, I can help make your caring message come alive. Let’s chat.

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