• black white and gold wonderful you art print sitting on light brown wood desktop with small pink and green potted plants beside it leaning against light gray wall
  • horizontal art print with black typography wonderful you against gold typography of sample song lyrics with gold rectangle framing it
  • black white and gold wonderful you art print sitting on light brown wood desktop with small pink and green potted plants beside it leaning against light gray wall

Wonderful You – Custom Made Songs


  • Custom made acoustic song
  • Award-winning songwriter
  • Professionally recorded
  • 8×10″ singing art print + mp3



about how truly wonderful you are

Let’s brag about you for a well-deserved moment, shall we?

Because the happy fact is, you’re wonderful in so many ways.

Your story is fueled by kindness. Beauty. Devotion. Intelligence. And bravery. 

Plus, a bunch of other things that make you wonderfully you.

Like the Eiffel Tower on a sunny day, you are a landmark to You-ness.

Isn’t it time someone sang about the wonder of you? We say, Yes!

That’s where our custom songwriting services come in.

We’ll write and record a happy song about you, the special folks in your life.

And deliver it to you on art print that plays your song. How? It’s fun and easy.

Just scan the QR code on the design. Or visit your special web link.

You’ll get an mp3 of your song, too.

what makes custom made songs so meaningful

Why is thanking yourself so powerful? This short audio piece explains why.

Short summary: Saying thank you floods your system with those happy natural chemicals our bodies produce called endorphins. They make you feel great when we fall in love. Or when someone who knows us really well sings us a customized birthday song about how much they adore us.

A custom song is like that. Only better. It’s like a happy birthday song you can enjoy every day. Because every day is your “You’re Wonderful” day.

So, how does the custom songwriting process work?

we put the fun into custom made songs

Our custom made songs start with a friendly chat with you.

So we can hear the words you use to describe your singularly awesome self.

And sometimes? We use the silence between the words, too.

Another way our songs are fun and meaningful? Is their heartbeat rhythm.

It’s a way to let you feel energized and loved every time you hear your song.

Want to know more about our custom songwriting services? Contact us here.

Sharon captured our love story in one conversation! Our song was written with so many meaningful details from our relationship. We love that our song is unique to us and can’t wait to share it with our family and friends on our wedding day!

What makes your custom made song so special?

  • Song handcrafted by award-winning songwriter/designer for you personally
  • Typography of lyric on art as well as QR code that plays your song
  • Artfully designed to be displayed in home, office
  • Emotionally engaging gift of love to self or loved one
  • Exclusively featured on Smile Songs. You can’t find this anywhere else.
  • Acoustic song by award-winning songwriter
  • 8×10″ print on archival quality paper


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