• four diecut stickers shown together to illustrate contents of sticker pack
  • 3" vinyl sticker typewriter and hearts design with i can't spell luv without u design and qr that plays song
  • vinyl sticker packs bold dreams bloom
  • tiny sticker packs introvert af sticker
  • 3 bee logo sticker to show design and qr code that sings song

Cute Sticker Packs


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Great for your inner teen or real kids you know, these limited edition vinyl sticker packs give you four of our most popular singing art prints as 3″ die cut stickers that sing. We only produced 10 of them, so if you’re a sticker fan, you’ll want to get yours now. One per customer only, cause: kindness.

All of delightfully unique cute sticker packs sing you an exclusive song. Their sound adds musical mojo to the art’s mood-boosting message (try saying that four times fast!). Just use the QR or link on the art to play your spirit song.

• die cut coated vinyl permanent stickers
• typewriter, three bees logo, Introvert AF and blooming floral sticker designs
• Original songs play with QR code or web link on each sticker
• Great just because gift for introverts of all kinds

Designed with love to celebrate you and help to guide in your their winsome innie way.

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vinyl sticker packs that sing? yep, it's a thing

you'll love to stick these around

Because we know how much you love ’em, we’ve turned four of our most popular art prints that sing into die-cut stickers. And put them into a limited edition pack of four.

These powerfully cute sticker packs will boost your spirit.

And, yes. They make great sticker packs for adults and kids as well.

Collect ’em. Peel and stick them anywhere you’d like to share some positive energies. And yep, since there’s a funny introvert sticker in here, you can communicate a lot of happiness without saying a word.

leader of the sticker pack

Our super cute bee logo sticker says Believe, Be Love, Be You. Its design, message and music celebrates your natural power to create buzz your way.

Here’s what the song it sings sounds like:

bold dreams bloom floral sticker

The fun of these small sticker packs continues with this inspirational art print in super cute sticker form. It features a growing flower whose stem says May Your Bold Dreams Bloom.

Timeless black and white design with a pop of cheerful coral red in its center.

Here’s the song it will sing for you when scan the QR code or use the web link on the sticker:

introvert af sticker with introvert girl

Are you an introvert? Know one? These stickers will make you and the folks around you smile.

And deliver some respect for your quiet nature, too.

Our funny introvert sticker is beautifully serious, too. It says you love you. And other folks will love this, too.

This introvert queen of our cool sticker packs will sing this song for you:

can't spell luv without u

Typewriter art delights folks for so many good reasons. And yep, folks who love these beautiful, word creating machines of art love puns as well.

So, yep! This typewriter sticker’s message and art add a brainy, loving flavor to our cute sticker packs of four.

Here is the song it sings. Also titled, I can’t spell luv without u:

unique to our cool vinyl sticker packs

In case you’re wondering (understandably): what do you mean these stickers sing?

Each Smile Songs gift plays you a happy song written just for it.

Because true happiness delights the senses.

So, in addition to looking cute and saying emotionally positive things?

You can hear a special song written for each design, hand created to boost your boost.

To do that? Just scan the QR code or use the web link on the art.

You can see more about how our uniquely nifty gifts sing here.


more fun gifts that sing goodness

Because sometimes you want a print to put on your wall, too.

Here are customer favorite art prints that sing, including ones printed on tree-free cotton paper.

And, ’cause sometimes you want to wear your fave designs:

Check out our Introvert AF T-Shirt.

We’re collaborating with a local printer to bring you these soft, beautiful tee shirts starring our Introvert AF girl.

What makes these vinyl sticker packs for introverts so special?

  • Designs, messages and songs songs handcrafted by real life introvert
  • Colors, typography and sounds boost the spirit
  • Artfully designed for home, office decor
  • Interactive stickers that sing delights the senses
  • Exclusively featured on Smile Songs. You can’t find this anywhere else.
  • Four delightful and inspiring introvert spirit animal characters
  • Available in four-packs of the same introvert spirit animal or one of each

share these cute introvert sticker packs that sing

Additional information

Spirit Animal

Kitty, Dogg, Tree, Soul, All


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