• white framed art print with vertical row of white hearts with black and gold shadows on right side, three rows of type stacked and centered left that read you're beautiful with a y-o-u, qr code above letter u in lowermost heart shape
  • black, gold and white poster with hearts on right side and typography left side that reads because You're Beautiful with a Y-O-U and qr code web link in heart lower right that plays Beautiful You song

Framed Inspirational Beauty Quotes Poster – Modern Framed Prints

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Looking for framed art for bedroom, office, dorm? These mid-century modern framed prints features a delightful column of bold hearts framed in black and gold. Plus, an inspiring message: you’re beautiful with a y-o-u.

And, because it boosts the spirits to hear this happy truth said aloud, we’ve created an original song about how you beautiful you are.
Just scan the QR code or visit the link on the design to hear it.

  • Quotes about true beauty on a handsome black, white and gold print
  • Delightful framed art for bedroom, office, dorm room
  • Three popular sizes
  • Play inspirational beauty quotes song with QR, web link on art
  • Poster printed on thick, durable, matte paper
  • Matte black and white .75″ thick frame from renewable forests
  • Hanging hardware included


modern framed prints with a message

This elegant poster doesn’t just say you are so beautiful. It sings to you about why your inner beauty is naturally part of all you are, believe, create and do.

The song it plays is called, “You’re Beautiful with a Y-O-U.”

And it sounds like this:

self esteem prints that say you truly are so beautiful

Even our small framed prints deliver a powerful message about this happy fact: who you are naturally is what’s uniquely beautiful about you.

It’s a message that’s modern and timeless. Which is why we chose this classic black, white and gold design to convey it.

We’re celebrating your inner strength and determination. Your passions, your purpose. And the beautiful qualities of those special folks in your life, too.

Adding music to the inspirational message on these modern framed prints amplifies their positivity.

And we’re chuffed to say that our song about true beauty has gotten kudos from songwriting judges. And is one of our most requested tunes, too.

we define beauty now not them

Some quotes about true beauty are old as fairy tales. But there’s a new spin on beauty’s definition, too.

Here’s how the Urban Dictionary defines modern beauty. We found it super inspiring.

And we thought you’d enjoy it, too:

want this print without the frame?

Because we know that beauty is about choices: this Inspirational Beauty Quotes poster print is available as unframed art prints, too.

What makes this art that sings for you so special?

  • Artwork and songs handcrafted by the designer personally
  • Eye-catching timeless color and contemporary typography
  • Inspirational, interactive experience designed to tickle the mind and stir the emotions
  • Exclusively featured on Smile Songs. You can’t find this anywhere else
  • Three popular sizes
  • Framed art prints for bedroom, office, dorm

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1 review for Framed Inspirational Beauty Quotes Poster – Modern Framed Prints

  1. Mindy Daigle

    I gave the framed poster “You’re beautiful with a YOU” to my daughter in college who was at the time stressed out and feeling glum. The beautiful, cleverly designed poster, along with the melody and lyrics of the song, instantly cheered her up. Unlike a card that gets tucked away in a drawer, seeing this poster on her wall gave my daughter daily reminders of just how amazing a person she is, inside and out, and how much she is loved. It’s one of the best gifts I’ve given. So unique! And most importantly, it accomplished my goal of cheering up my daughter and making her smile. She loved it, and it continues to hang on the wall in her room to this day.

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