• meaningful friendship gift fun friends printable poster

Fun Friends – Meaningful Friendship Gift


  • Delightful gift for friends
  • Art plays fun friendship song
  • Classic, trend colors for home, dorm, office
  • Scan QR code to play song
  • Prints 8×10, 18×24″
  • Hi resolution art you print



These cute printable posters make amazing best friend presents

Romance gets so much attention, for lots of good reasons. But let’s be honest: isn’t it time someone created a gift that celebrates your womance? Unique gifts to give your best friend that are as delightful as they are?

We think so, too! So we’ve designed these four versions of download posters to print that say Wontcha Be My Friend. They’re cool present ideas for your best friends. Make great bestie birthday ideas. And they’re a delightful way to break the ice with a new friend.

That last category is something we haven’t seen a lot of. But really think there’s a need for. Cause, maybe this is just us? But we’ve never quite found the right words in real life to invite someone to befriend us or allow them to befriend them … it just kinda happens. And while we’re on the subject, do you think it’s time someone invented a replacement word for befriend? It sounds so formal. When the best kinds of friendship are so much fun! Do you agree?

Back to our Fun Friends posters. They’re available in a variety of different human figure combinations. Some wear skirts. Some wear trousers. And of course, our classic friend: the cupcake.

Pick from classic and trend colors. Download the art. Print and enjoy! Our friendship song plays when you scan the QR code (aka: the box made up of little dots) inside the heart shape the friends are standing on in the art.

more about this fun friendship song

The song’s lyrics celebrate that happy moment when you find you have a lot in common with. Someone you’d love to hang out with. Do fun stuff with. Bake or watch a movie or dish the dirt with.

There’s so much good in good friendships. And having something to celebrate that goodness is where this printable art comes in.

Want to tell your friend how uniquely beautiful they are? This print has beautiful words about life.

And here’s a little audio clip from yours truly about the four words that matter most. Enjoy!

What makes this art that sings for you so special?

  • Artwork and songs handcrafted by the designer personally
  • Cheerful, fun message with your choice of friendship symbol boosts the spirits
  • A gift that will always be remembered
  • Exclusively featured on Smile Songs. You can’t find this anywhere else.
  • Hi-resolution digital art file prints in two popular sizes: 8×10″ and 18×24″
  • Time-saving, eco-friendly digital delivery
This was a unique, fun gift idea fora colleague! Sharon got the poster to me quickly and gave me a few options to personalize it. Poster looks great, and my colleague was delighted!
What a great idea! I got this to frame for my husband's office and it is so cool. Awesome seller! Great communication, product and transaction! Would definitely recommend trying this out. I will definitely be back for more!
When someone who loves me gave me a Smile Songs poster, I felt like a kid again – purely joyful. This is for me? Wow!
New York



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Blue, Purple, White, Yellow


Wanna Be My Friend




1 Figure in Skirt and 1 in Pants, Cupcake, Two figures in pants, Two figures in skirts


Digital art file that you print