• blue gray card with bright yellow gift ribbon and type that says happy holidays *and buh-bye 2020 funny christmas cards for 2020

Funny 2020 holiday cards – buh bye 2020



  • These funny 2020 holiday cards wish them happiness.
  • And bid adieu to this past year with sassy positivity, too
  • 5×7″ card, envelope in clear sleeve
  • Single cards only sorry: cause only 2 left!
  • Hear the song they sing below



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wish 2020 buh-bye with this optimistic singing card

We wish you happy holidays
and all good things to come your ways

We wish you happy holidays
and joy and peace

We wish you happy holidays
and merry hours, nights and days

We wish you happy holidays
and joy and peace of mind and tons of kindness

mountain views with pine tree fineness

sleepy fields, bright stars align-ness


soft white snow for sled and skiing

lots of love for every being

cheerful smiles, mirth and gleeing holi-yays

Oh, holiyays holiyays

holiyays oh-oh holiyays

oh holiyays holiyays let’s go

We wish you happy holidays
and all good things to come your ways

We wish you happy holidays
and joy and peace

Happy Holidays!

“We Wish You Happy Holidays” © 2019, Sharon Glassman BMI





Help your favorite folks smile with these 2020 funny happy holiday cards. Not only are they gently saucy in their buh-bye 2020 message. They sing you this merry, genuinely kindhearted holiday song, too.

Just use the QR or web link inside the bow that wraps up this year and bids it farewell.

so what's the inspo here?

Yes, 20/20 means having perfect vision.

But you’re not alone if you can’t wait to see the year 2020 in your rear-view mirror.

At the same time? We have so much to celebrate. Friends. Family. Festivities. Even from afar.

Here’s the song our cards sing about the lovely aspects of this time of year:

selected song lyrics

what goes well with this witty holiday card?

You can pair these funny 2020 holiday cards with something for their walls to wear. Or for their self.

Some fun suggestions?

Our instant gallery wall art print set for introverts.

And this comfy Bee Merry unisex hoodie.

Why buy store bought cards when you can give an original work of art! Can’t wait to give these to my family and listen to the song together!
This was a unique, fun gift idea fora colleague! Poster looks great, and my colleague was delighted!
When someone who loves me gave me a Smile Songs poster, I felt like a kid again – purely joyful. This is for me? Wow!
smiling woman with eyeglasses, shoulder length hair smiling at camera with brick wall behind her
New York

What makes these modern holiday cards so special?

  • Frameable card artwork plays holiday song with QR code and web link
  • Created by award-winning designer/songwriter
  • Sassy but sweet seasonal message
  • eco-friendly holiday cards printed on 100% recycled stock
  • Artfully designed to boost the spirit
  • Interactive greeting card that sings delights the senses
  • Exclusively featured on Smile Songs. You can’t find this anywhere else.

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Bee Merry, Peace On Earth, Lettuce Be Merry, Holiday Quilt


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