• white poster with black type Hi Five, You You Did the Thing You're Scared to Do illustration of gold trophy with black and white QR inside and type below it

Hi Five Brave You – Self Esteem Art

  • Self esteem art print that sings
  • Fun message, encouraging song
  • Art prints 8×10, 18×24″
  • Hi resolution art you print
  • Scan QR code to play song
  • Classic black and white design
  • Frameable art

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and sing you a fun bravery song

It takes a ton of bravery to get through life’s challenges. And we think that’s something to celebrate. And magnify!

This print’s quirky, happy art print cheers you on with a positive, Hi Five message about your courage.

Scan the QR code and it plays you an original song about personal bravery. (There’s a web link, too.)

This unique combination of happy music and fun art is great for building your self esteem.

It helps you laugh about daunting things. And that feels great.

But there’s a more serious side to this funny stuff. As it turns out? Laughing helps us conquer our fears.

Our brains are wired to focus on one thing at a time. And that turns out to be really lucky for us.

Because it means our mind doesn’t have room for fear when our face is smiling. Hear why.

bravery and courage can be fun

Fans of this Hi Five Brave You print have responded with so much love to this unique piece of self esteem art.

They’ve told us their fears. Which range from snakes and spiders to long-distance travel to local parallel parking (that’s mine!) From goats to public speaking. Starting a new career. Learning new thing. Eating hot peppers and more.

And fans have confirmed that yes, shouting out their fears and singing along with our song can make the scary things in their daily life feel less scary.

At least for a little while.

And that’s good news!

We’ve played the song for grown-ups and kids. And everyone who hears it smiles and agrees: Doing something scary is difficult. But celebrating our bravery makes it a little easier to do the thing we’re scared to do.

We’d love to hear what you’re thinking about when you use our happy version of the classic be brave and courageous poster, too. (In case you’re wondering? We’re scared of parallel parking. And waterfalls.

Like we said: bravery comes in lots of different sizes and situations.)

Cheering you on with every brave thing you do. Hi five and happy listening!

Want to commemorate a particular act of bravery? Our personalized bravery certificate lets you specify the name and scary thing your favorite brave person has achieved. (And yes! That includes you!)

Want to add to the positivity by creating a gift set of art with positive messages? Here’s our Beautiful You print.

What makes this art that sings for you so special?

  • Artwork and songs handcrafted by the designer personally
  • Eye-catching black and white design with handwriting font
  • Fun, interactive experience designed to build self confidence and raise your spirits
  • Exclusively featured on Smile Songs. You can’t find this anywhere else.
  • Hi-resolution printable art for both 8×10″ and 18×24″
  • Time-saving digital delivery
What a great idea! I got this to frame for my husband's office and it is so cool. Awesome seller! Great communication, product and transaction! Would definitely recommend trying this out. I will definitely be back for more!
Smiling brown-haired woman with head tilted to left, gold hooping earring and red blazer, black top
This was a unique, fun gift idea fora colleague! Sharon got the poster to me quickly and gave me a few options to personalize it. Poster looks great, and my colleague was delighted!
When someone who loves me gave me a Smile Songs poster, I felt like a kid again – purely joyful. This is for me? Wow!
smiling woman with eyeglasses, shoulder length hair smiling at camera with brick wall behind her
New York

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