• woman wearing black t shirt seen from forehead down holding blue print with white heart with bee print and black type reading name for personalization, black and white qr code on poster lower right
  • Woman holding square framed print with blue background and large white heart centered with pattern of smiling bees with words believe, be love be you and space above heart that says Name in black type for personalization purposes, qr code lower right

Inspired Heart Art – personalized framed poster


What could be sweeter than a bunch of bees sharing an inspiring message of love, belief and being you? How about a personalized inspired heart art print that sings you a sweet song, too? Just use the QR code or web link on the art to hear it sing for you.

  • Personalized, square art prints
  • Semi-glossy paper
  • Smiling bees design, inspiring Believe, Be Love, Be You messages
  • Scan QR or use web link to play exclusive, encouraging song
  • Alder, semi-hardwood black frame .75” thick
  • Hanging hardware included
Personalize Design


they'll bee happy to get this unique art print

Hmmm …. was that a bee pun? You betcha!

Because there’s nothing more fun than a bunch of bees sharing an inspiring message of love, belief and being you. Except maybe: a personalized print that sings you a sweet song about these things, too.

Available in three square sizes, designed to set off its cute heart art and powerfully positive message.

Believe. Be Love. Be You.

Set against a bright blue sky background, a chorus of smiling bees dances across black and white heart art with typography that repeats this print’s three part message of believe, love and being oneself.

What’s more? You can personalize this print with your name. Or the name of a special person in your life.

This is a gift that will be remembered for years to come. For its fun. And its heartfelt wishes.

Oh! Remember what we said about this art print singing? It really does this. And wowza, is it fun to hear.

Just scan the QR code or visit the link on the design and this personalized piece of art will sing you a song exclusively designed to go with this print.

The song is called Believe, Be love, Be you.

It’s written and produced by us. And it sounds like this:

how does art that sings help folks feel happy?

The blue heart art on our Believe, Be Love, Be You inspired heart art print makes folks smile with its colors and happy design.

Add the sweet sounds of the song to this visual art experience? And you’ve got lots of reasons for your brain to say, “Hey! This is fun. And makes me feel happy, too.”

It’s like those old commercials where someone adds the peanut butter in the chocolate. The combination of two delicious thing creates something irresistibly delight and new.

Adding your loved one’s name to the part personalizes this happy feeling, too. And connects this super-fun experience with you.

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What makes this personalized art print that sings so special?

  • Artwork and songs personally handcrafted by the designer/songwriter
  • Eye-catching colors and typography
  • Cheerful interactive experience designed to tickle the mind and stir the emotions
  • Exclusively featured on Smile Songs. You can’t find this anywhere else
  • Three square print formats great for gallery walls and individual display
  • Scan QR or use web link to hear your secret song
  • Great art addition to home, dorm, office

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