• close up of woman wearing yellow t shirt with thinking girl graphic design and Introvert AF typography in black
  • enlarged tag from back of tee shirt shows detail of qr code, web link and message to use them to hear song designed for this t shirt

Introvert AF women’s short sleeve t-shirt





Declare you’re Introvert AF in a comfy, stylish way with this 100% cotton t-shirt (except for heather colors, which have 10% polyester). And because inner awesomeness is an introvert trademark? This T-shirt literally plays you an introvert power song when you scan the QR code on the inside tag. There’s a web link, too.

  • 100% jersey knit T shirt
  • Introvert Girl graphic design with Introvert AF typography
  • Hear your introvert power song with QR and web link on label
  • Pre-shrunk T with classic fit, taped neck and shoulders
  • Super fun gifts for best friends who are INFJ

are you introvert af? here's your t-shirt

Wonder Woman has her shield and those super groovy bracelets. And now, super introvert, you have your Introvert AF T-shirt.

Scan the QR or visit the web link on the label and it will sing you an introvert power song, too. It’s written by a real-life introvert who believes in you and all you do.

because introverts are awesome

Designed with love, empathy, sass and self esteem, this super comfy short sleeve women’s t-shirt features our dynamic Introvert Girl. Is she thinking about reading? Inventing? Creating? Recharging? Is a full-on dorky pun making her smile? You decide.

Above her head is the message Introvert AF. Which may just be one of the most powerfully fun introvert quotes ever. It’s also seriously energizing.

All of which makes this Introvert AF T-shirt delightful and useful for venturing outside into potentially stressful situations.

Or staying in and celebrating what a wonderfully quiet person you are.

Choose from four colors: bright yellow, pure white, light gray or charcoal.

be the envy of introvert quotes T-shirt admirers (they exist)

Fun fact? You may notice people smiling and nodding at you (respectfully) when you wear your Introvert AF T-shirt.

These folks may be introverts themselves. Or extroverted admirers of your positively introvert-astic self and message. Folks in search of a gift for their introvert best friends. T-shirt fans who are thinking, “Where did she get that?”

These smiling strangers are envious of you. And honestly? Who can blame them? Because there’s nothing more inspiring than self-pride.

hear the song this Introvert AF T-Shirt plays

Remember how we said this Introvert AF T-shirt sings you an introvert power song?

Well, what does it sound like? Check out the video below.

ps: our Introvert Girl Quote framed poster also sings this introverts are awesome song. You can see it in the video, too.

Hear the Introvert Power song

What makes this Introvert AF T shirt so special?

  • T-shirt artwork and song personally handcrafted by award-winning designer/songwriter
  • Eye-catching trend and classic colors
  • Unique Introvert AF T-shirt plays you an introvert power song from its label
  • Cheerful interactive experience designed to tickle the mind and stir the emotions
  • Exclusively featured on Smile Songs. You can’t find this anywhere else.
  • Available in sizes from XS to 2XL

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