• yellow cotton womens t shirt with inner spirit animal introvert dogg design and inside label with qr that plays song
  • introvert dogg my spirit animal tee with jeans and sneakers to show lifestyle
  • pink canine spirit animal t shirt to show design and label that plays song inside t
  • gray inner spirit animal t shirt shows introvert dogg with sit stay heal message below
  • yellow t shirt with cute introvert dogg illustration and sit stay heal message below to show detail
  • pink introvert dogg canine spirit animal t shirt to show color option

Introvert Dog Spirit Animal Shirt


Sit. Stay. Heal. This sweet Introvert Dog t-shirt will comfort you soul. And sing you a loving song, too. Just scan the QR code on label. Hear the song below.

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hear the sit, stay, heal song

“Sit. Stay. Heal.” Introvert Dogg T shirt song

The QR code on this shirt sings a song born from a pun. And lots of empathy. Some lyrics:

You are part of everything/the earth/the trees the sun

You run and play/you make your way/and way the evening comes

Surrounded by the love you feel/you sit/you stay and you heal/you sit/you stay/and you hea l…

dogged spirit animals with deep inner lives

Determination. Kindness. Loyalty to ourselves and our beliefs.

These are some of the hallmarks of the Introvert Dogg personality.

stick around

Yes, there’s a Devotee Dogg sticker, too. See it here.

share this inner spirit animal t shirt for introverts

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