• gray womens short sleeve t with cat line drawing with blue and yellow eyes and typography introvert kitty still still until showing label with qr inside shirt that play song
  • gray introvert kitty spirit animal shirt to show color options
  • pink t shirt with introvert kitty illustration and type and still still until message to show design
  • yellow womens short sleeve t with introvert kitty illustration and still still until type to show design and color

Introvert Kitty Spirit Animal shirt – womens short sleeve t shirt


  • Comfy cotton Introvert Kitty spirit animal tee in pink, yellow or heather gray (10% polyester)
  • Wear it and feel purrfectly quiet
  • Made by our printing partner and shipped separately


this introvert kitty tee sings to you

“Still Still Until” Introvert Feline Spirit Animal Shirt Song

Inside innie bts: writing this song for you conjured  these lyrics about timing and patience and grace. See how they circle back on each other and move forward at the same time?

“There will be a time in time/a time in time to find your place/a place your place/your place/a perfect place of natural grace/to show your face/still still until you are/still, still until.”




because she is my spirit animal

In case you’re wondering: are introvert inner spirit animals a real thing?

The answer is: they are now. And these are gifts for introvert girls and women who have that cat power animal sensibility: observant; patient; and ready to pounce on their goals when the time is right.

Extra fun? You know how you can pull a card from animal spirit deck to define your day? You can choose to wear your favorite introvert inner spirit animal tee to power your path each day. (And night, if you’re the kind of introvert who loves to sleep her fave tees. So comfy.)


great gifts for introvert girls and women

Needless to say, this feline introvert animal spirit shirt makes a great birthday gift for the introverts in your life.

And consider this truly fun idea: every day can be a birthday for the spirit when you dress your mind and spirit in positive messages and feels designed for quiet folks.

So, yes, you can get that special person our super cute Canine Introvert Dogg T to alternate with her feline spirit animal Introvert Kitty tee.

Want to dress your walls with positive introvert images and stories, too? Introvert Kitty and Dogg with their friends Introvert Tree and Sole are available as two-sided, tree free cotton art prints. And adding to their healing powers? Each features a personality profile of each innie archetype on their back.

In-in. Win-win. 

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