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Introvert Heart Necklace – Engraved Silver Bar Chain Necklace





Are you an introvert at heart? Us, too! That’s why we created this introvert engraved silver necklace with a heart in the center.

  • Sterling silver (AG-925) pendant and chain with coating
  • Engraved word introvert with heart symbol in middle
  • Nickel-free pendant, chain, and coating
  • Pendant size: 0.28” x 1.22” (7 x 31 mm), 0.02” (0.5 mm) thick
  • Pendant connected to chain with open jump rings
  • On  18’’ chain, pendant isn’t placed exactly in the middle of the chain, but a little to the side.
  • In black gift box with magnetic closure


here is the song that inspired this necklace

this silver engraved introvert heart necklace is a modern amulet, too

You know how, sometimes, the world can be exhausting for introverts?

We’ve found that putting on our introvert heart necklace boosts the spirit. And tells the world to treat us with respect and compassion.

Something about that heart in the middle and the engraved silver, ya know? It’s like a superhero shield for the modern innie warrior queen.

Again? Just speaking anecdotally here, but: we’ve found other introverts in our midst flashing us a smile of recognition when they see our Introvert Heart necklace, too.

Pretty cool, huh?

a gift of love for the introverts in your life

So, the stereotype is: extroverts love to party. Introverts prefer to be a party of one by staying home.

Both choices are naturally awesome, depending on your nature. Do you agree?

Which is to say: even if you’re extroverted by nature, giving this necklace to an introvert in your life is like handing them a silver medal. Or an olive branch.

Share a workspace with an introvert?

This framed Introvert AF semiglossy poster could turn your shared office into a happy place for all of you.

introvert self love fuels this collection

Whether you’re extrovert, an ambivert or an introvert at heart? Our Positive Powers collection is inspired by your natural awesomeness. See more about it here:


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Size Chart

Size guide
16" 18"
Pendant length (inches) 1 ¼ 1 ¼
Chain length (inches) 16 18