• pink womens short sleeve t with growing flower design and may your bold dreams bloom type on stem shows label with qr code that plays bold dreams bloom song
  • close up of illustration on womens floral tee shirt shown with jeans and sneaks
  • heather gray tee shirt with may your bold dreams bloom type as stem on tall blooming flower in pot to show illustration style
  • pink tee shirt with tall flower and may your bold dreams bloom typography as its stem to show design style

Bold Dreams Bloom T


The tall blooming flower and inspiring message on this comfy t-shirt will boost your spirit. Plus? Scan the QR code on the inside label and it sings you a song called May Your Bold Dreams Bloom.

Produced by our printing partner, this tee ships separately.




sing you a lovely song to fuel your dreams

Women’s inspirational ts and floral positive message t-shirts are natural faves. Because they let you wear your happiness on your sleeve. And your heart. And sing you a song to boost your spirit as well.

The reach-for-the-sky design of our tall tee shirt flowers supports your dreams. And can help boost the spirit on can-do days. And can I get a little help here days, too.

Plus? They’re gifts with lovely super powers. Encouraging the special people in your life to make their dreams come true with their sweet design. And soft, comfy fabric.

Then, to give you that extra bit of self confidence?

These inspirational T-shirts for teachers and students of life sing you an inspiring song, too. Just scan the QR code or use the web link on the product tag inside.

inspirational t-shirts for teachers

Unique. Charming. And delightfully original: these womens inspirational Ts cheer you on with their happy message and floral design.

Plus? They play you an exclusive song called “May Your Bold Dreams Bloom” designed to grown your positive energy.

Written to reinforce these optimistic t shirts’ inspirational sayings. Making them great positive message t-shirts for teachers who like to set a positive example in word, deed and tee.

You can hear the inspirational messages in the song this unique tee sings with the little audio player below:

“May Your Bold Dreams Bloom” Inspirational T Shirt song

a gift of tee shirt flowers + a song for the senses

Progress can be an upward climb. But when we look at our path from a viewpoint above the struggle, it’s so clear that we’re reaching our goals!

That is the seed of the flower imagery that adorns these soft and comfy positive message T-shirts. The typography forms the stem of the flowering plant, supporting and cheering it on as it rises.

These soft combed cotton tees on these women’s inspirational ts have a fashion fit. Please consult size chart to make sure you pick the size that’s right for you.

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Want to help your introvert idealist build her awesome t-shirt wardrobe?

Check out our limited edition Introvert AF T. It’s screen printed on comfy triblend. Available in introvert classic gray.

Super fun for quiet folks, deep thinkers. And folks whose favorite abbreviations include the letters INFJ, AF and HSP.

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Width (inches) 17 ¼ 19 ¼ 21 ¼ 23 ¼
Height (inches) 25 ½ 26 27 28