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Hi! I’m an introverted, Brooklyn, NY fashion writer turned Colorado designer and songwriter of cards and gifts that sing. Proud player of multiple musical instruments. Self-taught designer. And passionate greeting card maker.

– Sharon Glassman                                                                 Smile Songs Designer/Songwriter

about our singing stationery line

Smile Songs got its start when a fan of my live music said, “If only there was a way we could take you home and put you on the wall so we could hear your songs and see the happiness you create!”

I loved this idea. But how could I do it? It took me a minute to realize that everyone loves greeting cards. I couldn’t stop smiling! Being a greeting card designer was a dream of mine I’d put on hold while I pursued careers that I was “supposed to do.”

Over the next few months, I learned digital graphic design. Created a home recording studio. Taught myself music production.

Now, how would I make my cards sing? After some R+D, I realized QR codes were perfect for smartphone lovers. More eco-friendly than plastic chips. And I could make them look pretty cute, too.

The response to Smile Songs musical greeting cards was so encouraging, I started adding songs to other things folks love: stickers, magnets, wall art. Their sunny illustrations, inspiring words and endearing, original songs are designed to delight your senses. Celebrate your best self. And help you send a smile to the special people in your life.

Inspired by the art of kindness, Smile Songs musical stationery shares the gift of happiness in a delightful, memorable way.

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The story behind Smile Songs

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