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stationery trends magazine featurings Smile Songs cards an=d gifts

Stationery Trends

See Stationery Trends editor Sarah Schwartz feature Smile Songs’ musical “Get Well Spoon” card in Spring 2024 Fresh Picks.

Uppercase Magazine

uppercase magazine logo

Uppercase Magazine features Smile Songs’ innovative combination of handcrafted songs, QR codes and delightful illustration in its music issue.

Read: Sharing smiles by making paper goods sing

stationery trends magazine featurings Smile Songs cards an=d gifts

Stationery Trends

Stationery Trends news highlights Smile Songs’ release of two collaborative greeting cards for Faire Winter Market.

Read: Smile Songs releases 2 new cards for Faire 

boost frontline logo

Boost Frontline

See Smile Songs’ singing Super-Duper Dad award in this feature on the 20 most unique gifts for dad’s office.

Read: Cutting Edge Clever

Artisan Joy

Discover how a fan’s request inspired Sharon to create Smile Songs – and bring happiness to folks of all ages with cards and gifts that sing her handcrafted songs and joyful jingles for real life.

Read: From Music Gigs to Singing Greeting Cards

The Paper Fold

Stationery Trends editor, paper nerd and Paper Fold podcast host Sarah Schwartz chats with Sharon about developing her singing stationery line and winning Best New Product at her first trade show.

Hear: Sharon Glassman of Smile Songs on the Paper Fold

The Table Read

Editor JJ Barnes features Sharon’s journey from introverted NYC fashion journalist to joyful creator of singing greeting cards and gifts in Colorado.

Read: Sharon Glassman’s Smile Songs

stationery trends magazine featurings Smile Songs cards an=d gifts

Stationery Trends

Reporter Debbie Eisele chats with Sharon about why Smile Songs card and gifts sing. And how they make folks so happy.

Read: Infused with Kindness

shoutout colorado

Colorado creative Sharon Glassman chats with Shout Out Colorado about taking risks in art, business and life.

Read Interview: Meet Sharon Glassman, Designer/Songwriter Smile Songs cards and gifts that sing

sister on! podcast

Hosts Nat and Rebecca and Sharon discuss reframing introversion into something that’s empowering. And confess, after a happy chat about innie life, that they’re self-defined “curmudgeons” who don’t like happy greeting cards … until now.

Listen to: Introvert Superpowers

vulnerABLE podcast

Host Brian Almeida and Sharon Glassman of Smile Songs discuss Achilles, playground disasters and triumphing as fiercely vulnerable adults in their chosen professions.

Listen to: Episode 58, Sharon Glassman

The Butterfly Effect

Host Tali Orad and Smile Songs’ Sharon Glassman discuss the beauty and importance of trees in Nature, life and art. Sharon sings a song from her Introvert Tree greeting card on air.

Hear: Episode 36 Sharon Glassman

creative U

Host Larissa Russell and Sharon Glassman talk about sharing happiness through art that celebrates your best self. And find some time for some on-air singing, too!

Hear and see: Episode 102, Sharon Glassman

artfully told

Host, dancer Lindsey Dinneen, chats with Sharon about the why and how of Smile Songs and the power of art to share happiness.

Hear Episode 059: Sharon Glassman

everyone has a story podcast

Host Nate Wade and Smile Songs designer/songwriter Sharon Glassman chat about finding joy in everyday life on this episode of Nate’s delightful podcast, Everyone Has a Story.

Nate and Sharon discover and share their passion for Ruth Gordon’s classic statement about getting along with other people.

And explore Sharon’s favorite topic: introversion as a happy thing.

Listen to “Sharon Glassman: Making people happy with a QR code”

ta muchly around the world travel feature: smile songs

Ta Muchly’s Michelle Haynes-Phillips featured Smile Songs in her blog about creative folks around the world.

See Sharon’s answers to Michelle’s super fun questions about where creativity comes from. And what makes her smile at home in her work and living spaces.

Read: Around the World Travel Journal, Smile Songs

a little bit of everything with me podcast

Cake Boss. The power of kindness. And just what is an introvert, anyway?

Sharon Glassman of Smile Songs and host Angelica Goncalves discover they’re dear friends who’ve just met on this episode of the free-form podcast about all things delightful, A Little Bit of Everything with Me.

Listen to: “Sharon, Introvert Gifts Designer and Song Writer”

the mike wagner show

Life is a journey. And wowza! It’s so fun and inspiring to stop and chat with another positively minded person along the way.

Host Mike Wagner of The Mike Wagner Show and Smile Songs’ Sharon explore their shared love for keeping things upbeat.

Why the right gift makes everyone happy. And why so many bubbly performers are introverts at heart.

Listen to: Sharon Glassman, Colorado based songwriter and producer

smile songs, live

Watch Sharon perform three Smile Songs live and show the art they were created for.

Recorded at The Andrea Clearfield Arts Salon, Philadelphia 

Video: Stephen Metzger

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