scan the QR code included on the art, press play, and hear your secret song

Art that sings; it's a delightful new thing

It’s a gift that can uniquely express your love to the folks you love.

A beautiful reminder of your natural awesomeness. For any room. And every day.



What kind of products do we make?

Wall art personalized with names. Embellished womens T-shirts. Silver bracelets with messages of self love and encouragement. These are some of our most delightful and popular products.



so: how does Smile Songs art sing for you?

When you use the QR code or web link on the art, a little audio player appears.

photographs of hand scanning qr code on poster with cell phone with image seen in camera viewfinder, hand pressing button on web page that appears and photo of phone showing audio player words below in purple, blue and yellow press play scan smaller typography and star yep, there's a web link, too

Press play and your art sings for you.



what kind of messages?

Our art prints and wearables have encouraging, inspirational quotes like:

  •  You’re beautiful with a y-o-u
  • Thanks bunches
  • Abuzz to bee me

Want something truly unique? We create custom songs and message art for weddings, birthdays and more.



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