How Smile Songs work

how our nifty gifts sing for you

These videos show you how easy it is to make Smile Songs posters, T shirts and accessories sing happy songs for you.

:30 video: how our qr codes play songs

  • Your Smile Songs eco-art print, T shirt or accessory has a specially designed QR code and URL on the art.
  • To make the QR play your song, just focus on it with your smart phone camera (IOS). Or download a QR code reader (Android)
  • Fun and easy.

5-minute video: Introvert AF song

  • Scan the QR code on the art with your smart phone camera
  • Click link
  • Audio player appears
  • URL on designs plays Smile Songs, too


what is your exchange and returns policy?

We do not offer exchanges or returns. Please consult size charts and product descriptions carefully before purchasing.

If you receive a damaged product or product in the wrong size or color, we’ll work with you to make that right! Contact us here.

See complete terms here.

how do I print digital poster art?

Printable Smile Songs art is delivered to you as a hi-resolution digital art file. The file prints 8×10″ and 18×24″ size images. You can print as many as you wish for your personal use. No commercial reprints or resales allowed.

  •  8×10″ images can be printed on your home printer.
  • Your local print shop and online printers like VistaPrint can print 18×24″ posters.
  • Smile Songs prints are ready to be used unframed. And they’re fun to frame, too.
  • Garage sales and thrift shops have unique, affordable frames.
  • Art supply stores, professional framers offer beautiful framing options, too.

what are qr codes? how do they work?

  • Visually, a QR code is a square made of dots. Similar to a binary code of ones and zeroes. But cuter (on our humble opinion)
  • Technically, QR codes are digital maps
  • Each Smile Songs QR code directs your smart phone to a little audio player
  • The audio player plays an exclusive Smile Song that magnifies the positive message on each nifty gift
  • QR codes allow Smile Songs to use new technology for a happy, classic reason: to share love and smiles

how is Smile Songs like a music box?

  • Smile Songs delights your senses with a mix of art and music. Like a classic music box. Without the box. (Fun fact: the box part of traditional music boxes was created to hold the mechanism that played the song.
  • Digital technology lets us create wall art and T-shirts and other fun things that do what music boxes do.
  • The classically happy idea – of a singing thing – inspires our modern product collection.
  • Each Smile Songs gift of love delivers positive messages to you – and for you – in a uniquely personal, warmhearted way.

who writes and sings the songs?

  •  Each Smile Songs art and accessory plays an exclusive song written just for it, designed to boost the spirit.
  • Songs are written by award-winning songwriter Sharon Glassman. She’s also designer of Smile Songs art.
  • The music of Smile Songs help introverts and other kindhearted folks celebrate their best self.