• diecut sticker with magic wand, stars and gift box in pink and yellow glitter, qr code plays you are magic song
  • glitter sticker with pink and yellow magic wands on pink notebook, qr code on sticker plays song
  • lyrics to you are magic song

You Are Magic


Pink and yellow glitter magic wand sticker celebrates your natural superpowers. Hear song excerpt below.


You are Magic

“You Are Magic” (selected lyrics)

Just like a dove has feathers
Just like butter flies
You can change the world
with your loving heart and hands and eyes
positive energy, arise!
Yes, you are magic

– Sharon Glassman (BMI)

What makes this singing sticker for you so special?

  • Artwork and song handcrafted by the designer personally
  • Glitter! So fun.
  • Unique stickers for collecting, inspiring
  • Interactive die-cut vinyl sticker sings song about your inner magic
  • Exclusively created by Smile Songs

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