Thank You Gift semi-gloss floral poster




  • Unique thank you gift for coworkers, friends, family
  • Delightful audio and visual art experience
  • Use QR code or link to hear thank you song
  • Cheerful floral poster art
  • Semi-glossy paper
  •  Fingerprint resistant

Say Thanks Bunches to your special someone

Good thank you gifts are as special as good folks. That’s why we’ve created this delightful floral poster, available in three popular sizes: 8×10, 12×16″ and 18×24.” 

The typography on this sweet print says Thanks Bunches. And, something else that’s truly memorable about these unique thank you gifts? They play a happy song of thanks for you, too. Just scan the QR code on the art or visit the URL to hear it play.

Giving this singing print to those special people in your lift is a genuinely joyful way to say thanks a bunch. And let them feel your appreciation.

So, what does the song sound like?

Here’s an excerpt of the happy thank you song this print plays:

Three popular sizes, one entertaining song

We’ve made two versions of this print for you. So whether you’re looking for an addition to a gallery wall or a print to take center stage, you can add some beautiful thanks to it.

Our 8×10″, 12×16″ and 18×24″ Thanks Bunches posters are printed on a part-matte, part-glossy stock. These popular sizes fit Ikea, Target frames and more.

And you can have them framed at your local frame shop, too, for an extra-personal touch.

(Another way to get personal? Garage sales and thrift shops have some pretty nifty frames that will go wonderfully with our cheerful floral design.)

(And if you’re looking for an already-framed version? We have that for you, too.)

Redefining the thank you gift for friend

Gifts of gratitude aren’t just for big life occasions anymore.

In fact? One popular request we get is for thank you gifts for friends who add so much kindness and beauty to our lives every day.

In fact, you can think of the three flowers in the bunch on this poster as you, your special friend and your gratitude. Talk about a delightful trio!

And in case you’re wondering why thanking folks makes both of you feel so good? There really is some science behind it.

Here’s a little audio explanation of why expressing our gratitude makes everyone feel good. It’s from experts in happiness (talk about something wonderful to be!).

Circling back for a quick sec to the idea of framed versus unframed art prints.

Here’s our thank you gift framed poster.

Which one’s your fave?

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hear the song on our thank you gift prints + cards

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