• navy and yellow design on white graph paper background shows rooms with introvert friendly descriptions like idea studio, restoration station, food for thought with traditional home blueprint layout, qr code lower center plays ong
  • lyrics to musical housewarming greeting card lyrics

Introvert Happy Place 8×10″ print


This 8×10″ cotton print communicates an introvert’s blueprint for happiness as a positive pun-filled architectural drawing. QR code on art plays innie happy place song. Hear excerpt below.

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because introverts live in our heads

in the most awesome way

A literal blueprint of the introvert mind’s favorite spaces? It’s true. And this delightful blueprint style poster sings you a song about finding your inner happy place, too.

Taking our clue from blueprint style posters, we’ve created a literal introvert happy place. It features a restoration studio where you can relax, a flight of fancy for times you want to dance. There’s a walk your path way and an entry way for joyful beeing (with an actual bee) and other sweet puns.

uplifting gifts for your innie self and walls

Introvert Happy Place celebrate the things quiet folks love to ponder, create and enjoy in our all-powerful headspace with a blueprint style poster infused with innie sensibility and style.

Each room in your inner space celebrates introverts’ rich and rewarding inner lives.

Decorated with touches of witty word play. Because introverts and puns, ya know?

Putting that joyfully nerdy innie twist on traditional blueprint style posters, your happy place features a restoration studio where you can relax, a flight of fancy for times you want to dance. There’s a Walk Your Path way, a space for joyful beeing (with an actual bee) and other sweet puns.

a yellow, white and blueprint poster for introverts

Did you know one of the MBTI archetypes for introverts is the architect? It’s true!

At the same time, when it comes to delightfully quirky gifts for introverts, a little sunshine is order.

So we’ve designed this self esteem-forward, introvert blueprint style poster in a trad-yet-fresh palette of classic blue, white and sunshine yellow. With happy little icons that visually convey all the self love you’d find in inspirational quotes for introverts.

The result? A great birthday gift for introverts and uplifting self love gifts for every day.

Adding to the fun and delight? This innie inspirational wall decor sings you a song full of Inspirational quotes for introverts. Just scan the QR code or use the web link to hear it.

Here’s a little excerpt of the exclusive song on this introvert-astic inspirational wall decor

a tour of your introvert happy space

So, back to that idea of introverts as architects with lovely inner lives.

Here’s a tour of the spaces in this super inspiring introvert blueprint for happiness:

Ground floor:

Restoration station (aka: bedroom) with Hope Chest for your dreams, plans and wishes

Dining area with Ladder of Life (for reaching those dreams). Also, food for thought storage unit (aka: fridge).


Idea studio with heart-shaped hair to add luv to your burgeoning plans.

Flight of fancy for you to dance up (or slide down) when inspiration strikes.

Book Nook nestled beneath the stairs. (Let me know what books you’d put there?)

Upper terrace:

Dream Garden with flowers that bloom every day.

Joyful Beeing area with actual bee.

Lower Terrace:

Walk Your Path Way with cute paving stones and QR code that plays your introvert happy place song.

more groovy introvert gifts

So maybe you’re looking for a birthday gift for introverts. Or are every day wondering: What else can I give to the awesome innies in my life as self love gifts? Stuff created just them?

This category naturally may include your awesome self, of course.

As you know, beautiful yet refreshingly quirky gifts for introverts is our jam. Here are popular gifts for introverts.

Also, brand new: we’re partnering with a local small business here in Colorado to produce an exclusive collection of Introvert T-shirts that sing, all with our original designs and songs.

You can pre-order your Introvert AF, Introvert Inner Spirit Animal and Introvert Blueprint Poster T shirts here.

What makes this art that sings for you so special?

  • Designs, messages and songs songs handcrafted by real life introvert
  • Quirky gifts for introverts inspired by classic blueprint style posters
  • Colors, typography and sounds boost the spirit
  • Artfully designed for home, office decor
  • Interactive wall art that sings delights the senses
  • Exclusively featured on Smile Songs. You can’t find this anywhere else.
  • Art fits Target, Ikea, ready-made frames and looks great in vintage, too
  • Tree-free cotton paper

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